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Slumber is a python library that provides a convenient yet powerful object orientated interface to ReSTful APIs. It acts as a wrapper around the excellent requests library and abstracts away the handling of urls, serialization, and processing requests.

Getting Help

There are two primary ways of getting help. I have an IRC channel (#slumber on to get help, want to bounce idea or generally shoot the breeze.


  1. Install Slumber:

    $ pip install slumber
  2. Install Optional Requirements:

    pip install simplejson pyyaml
  3. Use Slumber!


Slumber requires the following modules:

  • Python 2.5+
  • requests
  • simplejson (If using Python 2.5, or you desire the speedups for JSON serialization)
  • pyyaml (If you are using the optional yaml serialization)

Testing Slumber requires the following modules:

  • Mock

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